My husband and I have been patients of Gateway dentistry for years. I recently contacted them to ask if they had any extra dental hygiene items they would be willing to donate for an Outreach our church is having for the Unsheltered People in our Community. All I can say is WOW! Dr Kolinski contacted me and was able to provide me with 200 toothbrushes with covers and individually wrapped. Thank you Thank you! I am overjoyed at her generous donation and will be able to make many hygiene kits now!
– Sharon E.
he Best Dental Office I’ve ever been in. The staff is the best. Thanks
– Quintin H.
The staff was very friendly, the atmosphere was warm . We were made known of the options we could take with our teeth, but was not pressured to make a decision. They also made known of the different ways to pay, if money was a problem. They even offer free water as you wait.
– Nadine C.
Not unlike many people, I had to search out a dentist due to an emergency. I had seen ads for Gateway Dentistry in my local coupon envelopes and thought I would take a chance. Dr. Dave’s manner is so nice. He not only treated my infected teeth but he treated ME. He talked to me as a person and wanted to get to know me and my dental needs and wants. He is excited about his work and it shows in the way he puts forth the treatment options and plan. And the rest of the staff is super! Knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. I’m actually looking forward to all of my upcoming treatments!
– Christine G.
I love this office and how friendly and open everyone is. It is not intimidating to me and that is very important. Dental hygienist Veronica has a passion for her work and I feel confident she is providing the absolute best in dentistry.
– Robert D.
Best, most professional and caring dental office. People here really care and take care of you. Anonymous: Julie and the front office staff are so wonderful. Needless to say Drs. Kolinski are awesome.
– Gene W.
Very professional, polite and efficient. Very Satisfied
– Bev Arnold
Because of previous bad experiences with dentists, I was somewhat apprehensive about my appointment. However, I was delightfully impressed with the care I received! From the positive welcome of the front office (Julie), the kind and very thorough hygienist (Shawn), to the attentiveness of Dr Kolinski herself, the entire visit was great! I would highly recommend Gateway Dentistry to anyone!
– Emily C.
I love this office and the staff! The reception desk is welcoming and so friendly. The dental staff is knowledgeable and does a wonderful job at explaining and performing treatments.
– Christina H.
If you are looking for a great dentist you must try Dr David & Samantha Kolinski
– Kathleen C.
Dr. Samantha and her crew are the best. I always know I get all of their attention and a smile. They really work to do the best for my teeth. Signed Halloween Pirate
– Anonymous
I always have a pleasant experience. Also Veronica and the rest of the team are very efficient. I have the Gateway Dental Insurance and am pleased that I have it. There are no hidden charges and their pricing is extremely fair. I have had good dentists and bad dentists and Gateway rates a 10 with me.
– Derbie B.
They are very kind and spend the time to answer all your questions. It is a comfortable office. They always make you feel right at home. I would recommend them to anyone.
– Lysa H.
Stacy is an amazing hygeniest ! She is very kind and makes your visit pleasant ! :0).
– Keri U.
I love the doctors and staff the office is very upbeat and friendly and the professionalism and knowledge of the doctors and staff we’re beyond what I expected.
– Deborah H.
For the first time in 60 years I am smiling and actually taking pictures! I was very apprehensive from my past dental experiences, but from my first visit at Gateway Dentistry I have felt like they have taken extra care to make my dental visits actually something to look forward to…. The staff members are always so pleasant and both Dr. Sam and Dr. Dave always take the extra time to make me feel comfortable. I have had extensive dental work at Gateway Dentistry and it wasn’t always easy, but the end result is so worth it… Like I said for the first time I am smiling all the time and actually taking pictures. My family compliments me all the time on my beautiful smile, and I owe it all to Gateway Dentistry. I would recommend Dr. Kolinski to anyone, and especially those “Dental Phobic ” Just like I was.
– Marsha
I, Robert Edward Sereda am 63 yrs old, have been to many, many dentists. Most have been HORRIBLE experiences!! Gateway Dentistry IS the exception to the dentist horror story.. Everybody is kind, helpful, courteous, and dedicated to helping their patients. Dr Samantha is exceptional as a dentist and a person. The entire office is GREAT!!!
– Bob S.
Great Staff! The doctor made me feel comfortable and answered all of my questions. I’ve recommended Dr. Kolinski to all my friends!
– Mike K.
Our daughter Kristen is in the army and was looking for a new dentist who could make her teeth look perfect. We luckily found Gateway Dentistry. After talking with Julie, we were convinced this the right fit. Everyone there was not only professional, but so friendly and helpful, that we felt like part of their family. Plus they did a fantastic job on the crowns on her front teeth. We would highly recommend Gateway Dentistry to anyone.
– Tim and Diane B.
I’m not sure what else I can say except one thing that really has impressed me. Dr Dave is very meticulous. It is so nice to have a doctor who not only takes his time with each patient but also makes sure the patient is satisfied down to the last iota. And his sense of humor is great! I only wish I had found Gateway Dentistry sooner.
- Christine G.
Everyone there is so kind and helpful. They make you feel like family, and the work is second to none. My wife and I have been going to gateway dentistry for years and we are very happy with the service. I also have friends that go and they say the same. I Would recommend Gateway Dentistry to anyone.
- Wesley W.
The Bestest in the World . Great compassion
- Linda M.
Great People
- Kent G.
Super nice people and knowledgeable.
- Anonymous Verified customer
Friendly staff and little wait time. Easy to schedule appointments, too.
- Anonymous Verified customer
Sam and the crew are wonderful! I always needed sedation before ANY procedure but now I’m a new person! Dr.Samatha Kolinski has built my confidence to a new level! Right on!
- Lori W Customer since 2011
I have been going to Gateway Dentistry for the past few years after going to a dentist in Phoenix about 25 miles from my home. Needless to say, I am much happier going to Gateway which is about 4 miles from my home. But besides the closer location, I am very pleased with the care and professionalism displayed by everyone at Gateway Dentistry-from the dentists to the hygienists to the front desk staff. I will be their patient for as long as they will have me.
- Lynn B Customer since 2011
I fractured a crown Sunday evening. I was in the chair at 11AM Monday and done by noon with a temporary replacement . . . NO PAIN, rapid response and excellent talent. BUT (!) to reduce the anxiety (that ALWAYS accompanies a broken tooth) they had a masseuse work on my hands a forearms during the entire procedure! The effect was wonderful. I almost fell asleep while they worked on my mouth. I got out of the chair feeling really good. Cudos to Dr. Sam and Dr. Dave for taking a difficult experience (at best) and turning it into a positive, pleasant and effective time at Gateway Dentistry.
- James T Customer since 2008
I was scared to go in by Dr. Dave . But Dr. Dave took care of my six teeth in front put on Temporary caps . I Was Fine the Whole Time. They made me feel relaxed. I admit I was scared but I Was Perfectly Happy with the results. Thanks Andrea and Dr. Dave
- Linda M Customer since 2013
Amber was great! She made me very comfortable for my deep cleaning, no pain at all!!! Great sense of humor really put me at ease! Thank you Amber!!!
- Shirley C. Customer since 2010
Great people and great work!
- Dave S. Customer since 2012
I haven’t had a bad experience. They are so helpful and fun to talk to. I trust gateway dentistry for all my and families dental needs.
- Wesley W Customer since 2012
Veronica is the best dental assistant I have ever known. She truly makes the client feel comfortable and at ease, especially myself who was never a fan of the dentist office. She takes the time to know her clients and knows how to deal with everyone based on their needs. I will never go to another dental office now after being a guest at Gateway Dentistry.
- Carly S Customer since 2015
David and his team was just great, understanding, kind and had hands on all of my situation. They took excellent care of me. Thank you.
- Anonymous Verified customer
They have some of the best techs I have had. I actually enjoy getting my teeth cleaned and that is a miracle if you knew my fear of dentists
- Kenneth S Customer since 2008
Love my doctor and the staff. very professional.
- Nicholas C Customer since 2013
I love my dentist! Dr. Sam is amazing, and gets my sense of humor. Everyone at that office is amazing and friendly.
- Michelle M Customer since 2008
I have been going to Gateway Dentistry for sometime and Veronica is my AWESOME, I usually Dr. Sam who I love but Dr. Dave was great too. The staff is very professional and friendly. I fell really comfortable here and trust them.
- Ann A Customer since 2010
Everyone I had verbal interaction with was great!
- Lisa R Customer since 2008
Staff was polite courtieous and friendly as usual. Always feel we are coming to see friends in your office. Everyone always seemed genuenly concerned about how we are doing. Loved the hand massage!!!!!!!! Very relaxing. Will Yvonne do feet also? That would be heavenly! Just wishful thinking on my part!!
- Cynthia G Customer since 2008
Everyone is great as usual from the front to back office personal!
- Anonymous Verified customer
After not having a filling in 10+ years I was a bit apprehensive. The procedure was quick and painless! The hand massage was a nice added touch to help me relax a bit before we got started. Thank you Dr. Sam & staff for making my procedure as comfortable as possible.
- Nancy S Customer since 2009
I always see Veronica – I really like her! I hate going to the dentist, but I do it because it has to be done. Veronica makes it pleasant. She is the reason I go to Gateway.
- Amy S Customer since 2010
Dr Dave is awesome! Very patient staff. Great job with my teeth. Very amicable group . Pleasantly surprised. Normally scared to visit dentist, but the whole experience was extremely pleasant. My kudos to the entire staff for a job well done.
- john (JJ) T Customer since 2015
Dr. Sam takes care of what ever problem that comes up. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Very pleased with the work I have had done.
- Norma Jean H Customer since 2011
I felt very welcomed at Gateway dentistry. Everyone was friendly, caring and professional. I’m actually looking forward to going to the dentist!
- Tara C Customer since 2015
Dr. Sam did a great job fitting my crown on and cementing it in. I was very appreciative of our insistence not to use any Novocain, it makes the whole visit such an experience. Everything fit perfectly. We attacked the chipped teeth that needed to be capped and it has made my smile truly awesome.
- Michael Q Verified customer
I have always been very happy with the personal and professional attention that everyone at Gateway Dentistry provides from the moment that you walk in until you check out.
- Michele P Customer since 2009
Dr. Samantha Kolinski operates a truly first-class dental office. (My teeth/smile) and I have benefited from her extraordinary talents, professionalism and humanity. Her staff is outstanding. I could not recommend her more highly.
- Robert D Customer since 2010
I was attended to quickly and very professionally. My hygenist has always been extremely kind, gentle, and professional.
- Kathy G Customer since 2012
LOVE you guys!!!! =) I always get this best care there!! And feel at home! THANKS!!
- Andrea S Customer since 2009
I felt very welcomed at Gateway dentistry. Everyone was friendly, caring and professional. I’m actually looking forward to going to the dentist!
- Tara C Customer since 2015
- Rosemary S Customer since 2011
Thank you for being gentle & thorough in replacing my fillings.
- Anonymous Verified customer
Always friendly and professional. They make going to the dentist “almost” enjoyable. Highly recommend this office.
- Tamara E Customer since 2009
Really like how everyone is fun and professional. All options were presented. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Patrick Donovan
- Patrick D Customer since 2015
I am not a good patient when it comes to pain!! In my numerous visits to dentists at 64, I have never had a better experience than I do with Dr. “Sam”! In three years as a patient I’ve had a couple of cavities and four crowns replaced. I have yet to feel any discomfort! To me that is the sign of a great dentist!!!
- Gary S Customer since 2013
My hygienist was the best I’ve ever had. She avoided my sensitive spots but still managed to clean them without giving me a single zinger. She was wonderful! Staff is incredibly professional and when I had a question about billing, two separate individuals assisted me to ensure that my needs were taken care of
- Anonymous Verified customer
Can’t believe the change my new temporary crowns have made, can’t wait to get the permanent ones!
- Gwendolyn D Customer since 2008
Everyone is friendly and helpful. Very professional .
- Norma Jean H Customer since 2011
Every one at this office is very friendly and caring. I love Dr. Sam and Veronica is an excellent hygienist. I would highly recommend this office if you are looking for a great dentist with exceptional skills, who is also very friendly and caring.
- Michelle M Customer since 2008
Pleasure, great teeth cleaning went well
- Linda M Customer since 2013
I have always been very pleased with their care and service, yesterday however i had an appointment at 11:10am but didn’t get into the chair until 11:50 or so, that was not fun, and nobody came to say that they were running late! Not professional, but otherwis over the years It had been Great!
- Hendrica Y Customer since 2007
Dr Kolinski and her staff are wonderful. Both my husband and I have been going to her office for 8 years now, and every visit has been a pleasant one. I couldn’t ask for a better dentist!!!!
- Nancy M Customer since 2009
Wonderful experience, the best staff
- Brenda M Customer since 2007
Dr. Dave Kolinski provided excellent treatment and an exceptional level of care for my vey challenging problem. I walked out with my problem solved, no pain or side effects. Bravo!
- James T Customer since 2008

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